Welcome to Mrs. Wyatt’s Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Wyatt’s Class!

I have several teacher friends who shudder at the thought of beginning of the year activities.  Ice breakers and getting to know you things just give them hives.  Friends, this is one occasion where I have a hard time relating.  That is SO NOT ME.  I LOVE this stuff.  I am incredibly relational in all I do and I thrive on making friends and meeting new people…ESPECIALLY a new group of students. So when Erica Wyatt, Creekside Elementary 5th grade (who also happens to be one of my precious HCS Innovate teacher fellows), shared a piece of her opening day “lesson” with me…ya’ll.  ALL. THE. FEELS.  I cried like baby…probably because this year is not only my 10th year in education but I had one of my FIRST STUDENTS EVER become a teacher and start a job in our district.  Bless my soul, my emotions are out of control.  I can’t even right now.

In summary, Mrs. Wyatt reached out to many of her former students, had them make a quick welcome video to her new batch of 5th graders from an “alumni” perspective. She tossed them all together and showed her excited and anxious new batch of Krispy Kremes on the first day of school.  (<<one of my pet names for students. I like donuts, okay?) Can you imagine how fun it would be to watch this as a student in her class!?!

Here you go. So presh.

Be sure to follow Erica and all her classroom happenings at @MrsWyattsClass on Twitter.


PS. Ms. Wyatt obtained written parent permission from each of the students in this video in order to share with her new class in addition to social media.  Some of her parents even joined the fun!

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