Tagul: Word Clouds as Study Guides

Are you hungry?!  I am!

Today’s recipe comes from the amazing Curt Merrifield from Thomas Nelson High School.  During the SLAM at the end of EdCampKY, Curt demoed Tagul.  I’ll be honest…I was thinking “how precious…has he never heard of word clouds before??”  Those were my famous last words because right after that Curt totally blew my mind with his innovation.  

Yes.  Word clouds are cool but THE Mr. Merrifield took them to an entirely different level.  His students wanted a study guide so he gave them a word cloud.  He took his exam and copied the words.  Then he pasted them into a Tagul.  He changed the image to a clip art version of a frog from Google and gave them to his students as a study guide.  GENIUS!  

Here is your recipe for the day, compliments of Curt Merrifield, Biology & Physiology at Thomas Nelson High School.  


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