Hey guys!  Did your little gal win a prize at the Shattered Glass Summit (or maybe she didn’t **WAHHHH** and you need info on where to find the goods!) and you have no idea where to start?!  Let me help you!


In terms of buying Sphero, I cannot speak to anything other than THIS little guy here, Sphero 2.0.  It’s the only one I’ve ever seen/used in person and I’m fairly certain Sphero’s website doesn’t even sell it anymore…which usually means **ding ding ding** you can get it cheaper on Amazon or somewhere else.  Here is a link I found to the Sphero we used at Shattered Glass on Amazon.   I do know there is very little difference between Sphero 2.0 and Sphero SPRK and I believe it is the clear packaging that allows users to see the mechanics of the robot, which is, pretty darn cool.

These little robot balls were ALL THE RAGE with the girls at Shattered Glass this summer.  They are driven by remote control via Sphero Application on your smart phone.  To learn how to connect Sphero to your device click HERE.

The great thing about Sphero is that it can sync with Tynker, which is a smart phone/tablet app that teaches beginner programmers.  Click HERE to learn how to program Sphero with Tynker.



Friends.  I am new to this world.  The first time I used it flew it right into my tree outside and it took me about 2 hours to figure that much out.  Thank goodness it was the tree and not the power lines…so obviously I don’t have a ton of good, solid advice here.  I do know there are 10 million different kinds.  The drone we used at Shattered Glass was a mini cargo drone.  Be sure to watch the videos below because I completely overlooked the whole LEGO COMPONENT with these.  UMMMMM HELLOOOOO.  YES.

The Mini Drone has SO MANY options …click HERE to watch this cool video!  Ready for an advanced tutorial? Check HERE for some cool tips and tricks! 

Just like Sphero, you can learn to program the drone with Tynker as well.  Click here to learn more!


Did your child receive a door prize but lacks the resources to make it operational?  Please email me: