In January of 2016, Brooke Whitlow, Instructional Technology Coordinator for Hardin County Schools, attended a keynote by Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code.  She was so inspired by her message and outraged by the massive gender gap in computing, she knew she must tackle the same problem in her own community.  A few months later, after conversations with district leaders and Dan Robbins, principal of HCS Early College and Career Center, an Intro to Programming course designed specifically for girls was created and students were enrolled.

Flash forward to November of 2016, Brooke decided that for real change to happen we had to invest in, not only our high school ladies, but our young girls as well.  Statistics show that girls interest in STEM significantly drops around ages 10-14 and often never recovers.  She wrote a grant to Heels Together to begin a campaign and community initiative to raise awareness and celebrate women in computing while investing in, exposing and empowering the young women in Hardin County to participate (and find SUCCESS!) in STEM related fields.

In April of 2017, thanks to the sponsorship of Heels Together, the young women in the IT Pathway at EC3 were able to host a Sit With Me luncheon for local businesses in Hardin County to raise awareness for women in computing while showcasing some of the incredible work they’ve accomplished this year in class.

During this luncheon, they were able to officially launch the Shattered Glass Summit, taking place at HCS Early College and Career Center on June 12 and 13.