Programming: All the Cool Kids are Learning It

Rewind 3 years ago…or even 10. If someone would have told me that my career path was going to lead me to TEACHING (MIDDLE SCHOOL students) programming/computer coding, I cannot imagine what my response would have been.

Me? I was the stereotypical prissy girl in high school. Still am. I am not ashamed. However, through initiatives like The Hour of Code and various sessions at KySTE I transformed into an empowered FEMALE computer programmer.  I never would have DREAMED I could write computer code, much less learn basic Javascript commands and decompose lines of code on Codecademy.  I never thought I was “smart enough” to even attempt to learn things of the “computer science” nature.  Even at the ripe old age of (nearly) 30, I am empowered.  I am smart enough.  If I didn’t pass this knowledge and feeling along to my students, it would be a crime.

So fast forward. Today  is the FIRST time since I’ve moved into Technology here at EHMS that I have had the courage to teach an entire programming unit to each grade level.  Here is the introductory lesson.

Thanks to Laryssa at Eminence Independent (#schoolonfire) for her GENIUS idea atedCampKY recently.  Let’s be honest, anything involving Legos is a winner-winner in my book. We are a brand new GAFE district and I teach in a computer lab.  I wanted to adapt the lesson idea to incorporate Google collaborative tools in my 1:1 environment. 



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