Learning with Lattes

Ya’ll.  I need you to meet Brandy.  She teaches 4th grade at Vine Grove Elementary School.  She also just happens to be one of our #HCSInnovate teacher fellows.  I first met Brandy when I had this crazy idea back in the spring to do a Voxer book study on Sheryl Sandbergs Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. Brandy’s comments and contributions to the study made me, instantly, her #1 fan.  Plus, she bought me Otter Creek burgers this summer during a training. Right?!? I **puffy pink heart emoji** love Brandy.

On Sunday I received an email from her that made my heart sing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 5.36.03 PM

Right?! How fun is this! So naturally, I adjusted my schedule to make this work. I wanted to bring them all the infamous BWhit latte because…it’s a thing and everyone deserves a treat.  (note: The BWhit Latte, formally known as the MarkKopp Latte has been renamed because I felt like I deserved a latte named after me as I brought that joker into HCS circulation.  He does get credit for the recipe though. And if he reads this, I’m sure I’ll have to edit this post. Hahahaha.)

We met today after school, lattes and laughs all around.  A few were skeptical of my lattes a la 31 tote and they didn’t do a good job hiding their skeptical face (read>>>Angela Hill). I convinced her and she literally said “Oh wow, it’s actually hot.”  I clearly have some work to do on the “please have faith in me” area over there at VGE.  HA!  To be honest, though, the best part of the day were the organic conversations.


The 4th grade team is entirely 1:1 chromebooks.  The 3rd grade is well on their way!  Shout out to Greg Sutton, principal at Vine Grove Elementary School, for recognizing the value and trusting the teachers to bring their classrooms alive with technology.  We met in Brandy’s room, drank our coffee in our scavenged Panera cups (leftovers from EdCampKY because mama doesn’t waste a THANG) and just talked about stuff we’ve tried, hiccups we’ve overcame and ideas for moving forward.

It filled up my cup.  Truly.  Want to know how to have a successful PD in your building?  Be authentic.  Grab your colleagues, meet after school, ask questions and celebrate each other.  We are our own greatest resource, friends.

…and call me! I’ll bring the lattes!


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