Introducing: HCS Innovate Teacher Fellows

Introducing: HCS Innovate Teacher Fellows

I am so excited you guys!  It’s FINALLY time to announce the HCS Innovate teacher fellows for the 2016-2017 school year!

Quick history:  As a newbie this past year in the “district-wide” role I immediately noticed a huge roadblock for me.  So MANY SCHOOLS…SO MANY PEOPLE…I couldn’t EVEN.  Lafe (Director of Technology; @HCSTabb) and I began brainstorming possible solutions last fall to help me A) be more efficient with my time/training B) connect on a more personal level in all of our 22 schools and C) figure out our next steps with the Eric Sheninger digital leader training from our October professional learning day.  The HCS Innovate Teacher Fellowship was born.  We sent out an email calling for innovators across the district who were ready to dive in head first with me on this new project and not only become digital leaders in their building but to begin a journey of risk taking and innovating in their classroom all for the purpose of helping our students fall in love with learning.  We received SO MANY amazing applications and I truly wish I could take them all.  It makes my heart LEAP WITH JOY to think so many brilliant minds across Hardin County wanted to take this journey with me.

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to the HCS Innovate teacher fellows.  Buckle up friends, it’s going to be an amazing ride!!

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