#HourofCode Family Style!

Hi friends!

If you are a Facebook friend, Twitter follower, real life friend, or general smoke signal receiver of mine then I know you know this is #CSEdWeek and the #HourOfCode!  I told all my Facebook friends that this week, for all us super nerds, is basically like the Olympics so they needed to just get over the obnoxious sharing.  Want to hear the irony?  As soon as I finish writing this, I’m going to share it.  #SorryNotSorry #OversharerAndIDontEvenCare

So a lot of people are intimidated by computer science.  I get it – I was in the same boat a few years ago.  Thanks to initiatives like Code.org and the #HourofCode the CS trend is on the rise and the word is starting to get out.  The stinky part of that is the simple fact a lot of PARENTS are still intimated.  Now I’m not trying to call you out friends, but our kids listen to us real close.  They hear our own self talk and it’s important for us to demonstrate a growth mindset.  If their PARENTS are scared to try something new, do you think they are going to be willing?  You may not get it, you may not understand it (YET) but always encourage exploration and explore right alongside your littles.

Soooooo, to practice what I preach, my own littles and I did three live streams this week on our favorite tools for coding at home .  These videos are long and my kids are dramatic (just wait until the third video) and I don’t know if you will actually learn anything but here they are anyway.  Meet Grant (7) and Vivian (5).  They love to code!

1. Code.Org


2. Ozobots

3. Osmo Coding

Happy coding!

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