#HCSInnovate: Surprise and Delight!

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One of the BEST moments of MY first week of school was packing up Elsie the Edge and going on Tour de Hardin County Schools to surprise and delight our new #HCSInnovate teacher fellows!

Those of you who know me well know I don’t ever “halfway” do anything.  I headed to Party Plus for a car load of HCS balloons and Wal Mart for treats.  Want to know something hilarious and adorable?  I sent out a form a couple weeks ago asking all our fellows what treats made them swoon (my love language is gifts and affirmation, friends, and I love giving both as much as receiving, don’t judge).  Most of my elementary teachers who had responded indicated a variation of school supplies.  (Expo markers…can you even? You guys, these teachers are the best and their hearts are truly golden.) My middle/high teachers asked for chocolate and coffee.  Hilarious, right?! Oh I just love them all.

I overestimated my ability to get around to all the schools in one day so I wound up touring all most of our 22 (+ early childhood) schools on Thursday AND Friday.  (Erica, I love you. Her chromebook and deflated balloon is still in the trunk of my car…six days later. Bless. This is how you know you’ve become part of my inner circle. First class treatment.)

I started at GC Burkhead with Monica Crim because her favorite treat was fun coffee creamer and it was 100 bazillion degrees outside.  I had to get that junk in the fridge, STAT.  This chick screamed in the cafeteria, ya’ll.  It made my whole week.  I sure do LOVE somebody who LOVES getting surprises.  She demanded a picture.  Naturally, my selfie game is strong.

Monica Crim, GCB

I honestly don’t remember where I went next.  I do know I made to West Hardin Middle School and the amazing Ms. Kelsey Birdwhistle around lunch time.  So I planned that perfectly … #LakerBurgers.  Over at Lakewood, Kathie Hamilton was setting up Chromebooks and Google Classroom with her third graders (I think…?) when I delivered her surprise.  I spent a few days with Kathie last year and she just fills up my cup.  Ya’ll wonder why I’m so happy and excited all time…this is it.  I’m around people like Kathie whose positive energy and enthusiasm are literally contagious.  Get to know that one, she’s a rockstar!

I think I maybe made it to the north end of the county with a few inflated balloons.  Did I tell you that it was 1 gazillion degrees outside?  That doesn’t really work well with helium.  Points for trying?  Okay, moving on.

On Friday I started my day at the north end of the county with my homegirl Alison Langley, representing North Hardin High School.  I snuck in the media center and we radioed her to come up for something “serious and important”.  I know? Super fun, right?! Anyway, she’s a squealer too and didn’t even mention the fact her balloon was deflated.  (At least not until a few days later. HA!) The best part? We both had on our Google shirts.  We didn’t just drink the kool-aid people, we made the batch. #SoulSisters or #Weirdos…take your pick, we don’t care.


Some of my new friends were tied up with kiddos or busy teaching a lesson.  I tried not to interrupt too severely (unless your name is Joe Stuecker in which case I will awkwardly make lots of noise and accidentally walk right in front of your projector during an important discussion on air and space stuff. #sorryaboutthat). Some of the ones I missed were sweet enough to text me pictures because they just “get” me.  Thanks Nikki, you’re the bomb dot com!  (And YES, friends, that is some Ghirardelli caramel squares.  I take care of my people.)


At some point, I made it back to the office Friday afternoon and swore I’d never try to hit all the schools in such a short about of time again.  I feel like I spent 17 years in the car during those two days.  Hardin County is LEGIT, ya’ll.

I got to meet up with the sweet Anna Taylor from the News Enterprise and she wrote up this article on our fellowship! I am SO EXCITED to get started.  The #HCSInnovate Teacher Fellowship is going to be EPIC.

Click here to read the article in the News Enterprise!


Special thanks to James Allen for designing our #HCSInnovate logo and his students at EISimages.com for being the inspiration behind it all!

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    1. She is truly amazing – I **puffy pink heart** LOVE going into her classroom. She truly has a heart of gold and it’s SO apparent that she loves and cares about all those kiddos in her room!

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