HCSEC3: Air and Space MAGIC!



Can I tell you something?! Life is so much more fun with friends.  Making friends and meeting new people is one of my most favorite things in the universe.  Since I’ve become a connected educator (could that sound any more cliche?!) I have realized how this hobby can open many, many doors for our students.

I know I do a terrible job balancing “work life” and “home life” (which, hello, is because my work life is so much fun it feels like home life).  So naturally, I often bring my family into my work.  My cousin Emily got most of the brains in the whole gaggle of us.  She is currently writing her dissertation on women in aviation (feminism runs strong in our veins) at Georgia Tech.  As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she’s researched all over the world, including France.  Currently she is living in Washington DC finishing her research at the National Air and Space Museum.  You see where I’m going with this right?!

She is in Kentucky for a visit (which doesn’t happen often enough, BTW) and I knew I wanted to connect her with my good buddy Joe Stuecker at Hardin County Schools Early College and Career Center. Together, he and Dan Corley, run the air and space pathway at our center.

It was so fun to listen to them geek out about stuff I didn’t understand.  Cards were exchanged and future plans were made on how Emily can help our air and space students really find authenticity in what they are learning!

I am looking forward to future connections with Emily and the National Air and Space Museum and Mr. Stuecker and Mr. Corley at EC3!


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