HCS GAFE Update: Single Sign-On is HERE!

You guys!  You asked and HCS Tech answered!  One of the biggest requests we have heard over and over, as staff begin to embrace Google Apps is, “Why can’t we just have ONE password/username?!” Thanks to our amazing technology department, you now do!

Here are the points you need to know as we transition to Google Single Sign-on:

1. When signing into Google Drive from a desktop computer, you will be prompted to sign in twice.   Once you sign into the Google Drive screen you will use your EMAIL ADDRESS and your EMAIL PASSWORD.  Then, you will be prompted to sign in again and you will see the screen below.  You will use your email credentials AGAIN.  Note: Every time you CHANGE computers, you will be prompted to sign in twice. We are encouraging teachers and students to try to use the same computer to avoid the dual sign-in.  


2. When signing into a Chromebook, you will be prompted first with the normal Google Drive sign-on page.  Use your EMAIL ADDRESS and your EMAIL PASSWORD to log in.  You will then see the screen below where you will use your EMAIL ADDRESS and EMAIL PASSWORD to complete the log-in.


Important things to keep in mind:

  1.  Minimize stress by having students log in to the same devices.  Try assigning a number (for a Chromebook) or a particular seat in a computer lab to maximize instructional time.
  2. Once a month, you will follow the same procedures above.  This is necessary to re-authenticate the user for security purposes.
  3. Teachers are no longer required to keep logs of who is using a Chromebook (can I get a HALLELUJAH?!) We are now able to track users based on their sign-in credentials to the Chromebook.  Devices will be filtered according to their log-in.
  4. New students and staff will no longer have a “default” Google password.  All students and staff will be able to access Google with their email and email/sign in password.

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