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I am literally DYING with excitement over here ya’ll.  Yesterday I ran across this post and nearly cried with excitement.  I love the concept of a back channel but I’ve never been crazy about using them (myself) in a presentation.  Here’s the thing…when I do a training or give any type of presentation, I cannot (CANNOT) manage multiple windows, multiple tabs, multiple conversations.  It gives me hives.  For those of you who can nail a presentation effectively by efficiently navigating between Todays Meet and your slideshow and not only pay attention to conversations and questions but deliver your training…my hat is off to you, friend.  Bravo. Me? Well…

Google has basically read my mind.  The Q/A integration INSIDE of the speaker notes in Slides is what dreams are made of, friends.  I am SO excited, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see a quick overview and what this LOOKS like while you are presenting and also what the window would look like for your audience members on THEIR device.

Check out this quick video!

7 thoughts on “Google Slides Q/A Feature

  1. Looks good. I’m just now working hard with my students with slides. They are getting the hang of it. I guess this is the next step.

    1. I’m so proud of you!!!! GO GIRL! You know I’m here and will try my best to help however I can!

    1. Great question! When you connect to a projector with your computer, you want to adjust your display settings. Depending on what type of computer you are using, the directions will differ. You want to use the extend display mode because this will allow the projector to just show your slides while YOUR computer will show the current slide, upcoming slides and your notes. 🙂 The duplicate or mirror display is what you want to avoid (it shows the same content on both monitors). Hope that helps! 🙂

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