Google Docs: An Introduction

As more and more staff in our district are embracing Google Apps for Education and growing more and more comfortable using the tools, there is less of a need for whole group PLC “GAFE introductions.”  However, I don’t ever want a new teacher to a school or our district to feel behind or lost if they are new to GAFE or previously worked in a district without the tools.

I am working on creating 1 hour professional development opportunities on each of the main apps in our Google Apps for Education domain that will be available to staff in Hardin County Schools on our digital learning portal. These 1 hour sessions will consist of 2 portions:  the training and the assessment.  In order to earn the 1 hour PD credit the assessment will need to be passed with a 90%.  The assessment is set up to auto-grade and email feedback.  If the assessment is passed, simply forward that email to our PD Specialist, Kim Hensley ( and she will award credit in the online system.

If you are Hardin County Schools staff seeking professional development credit, please access the training here.

If you are simply seeking resources to help develop your technology skill set, I’m embedding the 30 minute training below.  Feel free to use and share!  Warning – the video intentionally does not follow any sort of order or pattern!  I’m sure there are plenty of tools or tips that I could add.  Have an idea?  Let me know in the comments!

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