Free Stock Photos: Step up your design game!

When I started training teachers, doing more and more conference presentations and basically creating more content for educational technology, I got really bored (really fast) with plain backgrounds and your typical public domain images.  After doing a little digging around online, I found some amazing photographers who have curated their content.  Most of the sites listed below are free of copyright restrictions and several are listed under creative commons public domain.  I’m a sharing a few of my favorites.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom –I’m saving the BEST for LAST! 🙂

1. Gratisography – This site is full of whimsical, quirky designs that I immediately fell in love with.  The images are outside the box and seem to capture any emotion that I need to convey in my presentations.  I used a couple of his images for my Google Innovator Academy application vision deck!

2.  Unsplash – This one is another great one.  There are hundreds of photos to choose from complete with tags that make searching a breeze.

3. – Stocksnap has a TON of copyright free images that, again, are easily searchable. 🙂

Most recently…

One of my great friends, James Allen at Eminence Independent Schools in Kentucky, created with his photography class.  His students, as they learn photography, are creating their own photography resource site with all photos under a Creative Commons Zero license.  His students are editors of the site and upload their content as they create!  What I love most about this is that the students are not just consumers of content but creators!! LOVE THIS!  Way to go Mr. Allen!  Check it out!


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