#EdCampKY: Purple Cows UNITE!

#EdCampKY: Purple Cows UNITE!

In 2014 I met a group of people and we had an idea…Kentucky needed an edcamp.  We needed something to refresh and revitalize the professional development scene in Kentucky.  We wanted to create a place where teachers could be crazy, have fun, lead and LEARN.  EdcampKY was born that fall at Thomas Nelson High School in Bardstown, Kentucky.  Since October 2014, we have hosted 3 edcamps, traveling to various locations around the state.  What a ride it has been!

For EdCampKY 2016, we wanted a different approach to give our usual edcamp a bit of a face lift.  Through a very bizarre Google Hangout conversation with a few of my favorite PURPLE COWS “EdCampKY: The EDU Force Awakens” was born.  There is something about teachers and storm troopers that really gets me fired up.  What can I say?  We are a bunch of REBELS (<<<see what I did there?!)

EdCampKY: The EDU Force Awakens

In summary, the best thing to happen to me this summer (besides bitmojis in snapchat, you’re so right Heidi Neltner!) was seeing SO MANY of my beloved Hardin County Schools teachers in attendance at EdCampKY.  To me, this speaks volumes of our district, admin and teachers.  My heart is FULL, ya’ll! #HCSimpact!

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