Two weeks ago I had just returned from a very inspiring trip to #FETC in Orlando and I was ready to implement some of the ideas from the conference.  Unfortunately, the impending snowpocalypse had other plans.  My first day back to work, everyone was abuzz with weather channels and predictions.  It was during a conversation with a colleague who was already rearranging her schedule for the week to account for the snow that a light bulb went off in my own head!


I tweeted my good friend, Chris Walsh (@chriswalshky, Boone County TRT) to help me pull this off.  We pulled in some shining stars from Hardin County Schools:  Kelly Baucum (@kjbaucum, 1:1 Chromebooks, East Hardin Middle), Erica Wyatt (@mrswyattsclass, 1:1 Chromebooks, Creekside Elementary School), Katie Newton (@newton_kt, Library Media Specialist, James T. Alton Middle School), and Jamie Chenault (@chenault_jamie, 1:1 Chromebooks, Lakewood Elementary School).  A snowday PD could never be complete without “my tribe” of guru’s:  Mike Paul (@mikepaul, Bardstown Middle School), James Allen (@TLJamesA, Eminence Independent Schools), and Donnie Piercey (@MrPiercEy, Eminence Independent Schools).  

The best part of my snowday PD plan was that…there was no plan.  We wanted to offer teachers around the district and state an opportunity to learn and grow (while in their pajamas) and to give them real, authentic answers to their questions.  So we created a form, took a chance and flew by the seat of our pants.  

Aside from a few technical issues towards the beginning and a couple rowdy kids in the background, I couldn’t be happier with the result.  It ranks as one of my favorite PDs to date.  

In case you missed it, here it is.

Major thanks to my tribe.  Couldn’t have pulled it off with ya! 🙂



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