Hey ya'll. I'm Brooke...

from Kentucky

Who am I?!

Glass shatterer. Encourager. Storyteller. Dancer in the Sun.

Hey you.

With 15+ years in education, from teaching 8th grade American History to school district communications, traveling across the US as a Google Certified Innovator & Trainer, creating & managing branding initiatives and marketing strategies for school districts, kickstarting businesses & nonprofits, and everything in between, I am excited to connect with you and help bring your ideas to life. As a Saggitaruian, ENFP & Enneagram Type 7… I can promise you that we won’t be short on creativity, energy, vision…or coffee.

Let’s go.

Brooke Whitlow

My Skills

Photography & Videography
Adobe Creative Suite
Communication Strategy
Leadership Development & Entrepreneurship
Branding & Marketing

Let's Connect!


I am an educator by trade but a teacher by heart with a passion for serving & advocating for girls & underserved communities. 


Zero degrees or formal training but art is in my blood. From graphic design to videography to digital content development: I’ve got your back.


System building…increasing efficiency… building capacity for creative magic on your team…let me help you reimagine how you share your story with the world.

...doing what I love

With a master’s degree in Education and a self-taught education in the art of designing…this is an eclectic collection of my creative work over the past 15 years.

There's more!

Communication through digital video has been a huge part of my work in education.


Let's create together.

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